Bio Gus McKay

A man of few words,he would rather let his music do the talking.He started his musical journey, playing in a Punk/Rock band, writing all the material and playing live in the early eighties.

Note to self. Form a band with a love of Blues/Rock, must be the antithesis of the synthesiser bands of the day. That was the eighties.

The “Emu Kicker’s” never made it to the studio, but had a bush following and at least an album of edgy material, that never saw the
light of day.

Gus McKay’s roots has always been blues, but with a prog edge, as it turns out.From the outset, no-one can tell what will transpire and be deemed acceptable, so you just have to go through the motions and see what sticks. It has truly been a journey for him. Original to the end

From those humble beginnings, a style of music was born and lay dormant. Then in 1997, a solo career’s fuse was lit , which is still burning to this day.

Gus’s latest release “Sixth Wind “ is his sixth. Recorded and mixed (Between Australia,the UK) during the pandemic) and Mastered at Abbey road studios. 

His first recording overseas, flying time of 20 hours (one way), to record at Dave Formula’s  studio,the Sweet Factory Located In Lincolnshire, Louth , Original  keyboard player,  in British  bands, Magazine and Visage. A long way from home at any rate ...and  the little outback town of “Cue” Western Australia, where he currently lives searching for gold.And writing new material, of course. The bush is so patient and beautiful.

 Turns out there is a lot of gold in those six albums and 20 years of recording, just not that many people know about it.

Gus McKay's sixth full 11 track studio release  (Sixth Wind) in his 20 years of faithfully recording, songs from his life experiences. The usual human condition experiences, with a few other personal references of a man that is of the earth. A deep soul with a unique sensitivity towards the earth and the land .

He plays guitar/slide guitar, harmonica, tenor sax, flute, and pedal steel. Constantly improving his theory and musicianship.  He has self funded all  his travel and recording costs himself. and owns the copyright to over 70 recorded tracks.


1999  All About Flight      CD

2004  Grinn.       (Out of stock )   

2010  Roadrunner Blues. CD

2013  Saltflat Blues.          CD

2017  Talisman.         (On vinyl and cd)

2022  Sixth Wind          Digital only

2023 ,There are preparations , to release a 4 track ep. Four songs from the “Talisman” sessions 2017. Songs that a bit too rocky to fit the “Talisman” mould.

A new album of demo’s is also taking shape at the moment too. Possible recording date Muscle Shoals (Alabama USA)
There was the chance to re-mix the original album “All About Flight”/Analog, 2 inch tape),that never came to be.

With a love of performing ,Gus has performed all over Australia, solo and with bands, also in the UK ,gigs in London and Doncaster in 2019, with invitations to festivals in France and the UK. 2017.

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